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Kunye Financial: A Community Focused International Money Transfer App

Kunye Financial: A Community Focused International Money Transfer App
User Research, Market Research/Strategies, Product Thinking, UI/UX Design & Prototyping
End to End Designer
4 Months
Kunye Financial

What I Worked On:

Kunye is a financial collaboration platform built on conversations. It builds a community starting with you and many other people from all across Africa who have found a home away from home, here in Canada.

By emphasizing collaboration and community, Kunye provides users with the ability to communicate with each other, share wallets and pool money together for specific financial goals/tasks. This is alongside the general features of your everyday money transfer apps.

During my time working with the Kunye team, I collaborated with the founding members of the company to properly identify and understand the problem, streamline the different app features being considered for the MVP in order to ensure a good user experience. I worked as the end to end designer on this project and led the UI designs for the MVP using the research data and information provided by the Kunye team.

Every stage from defining and understanding the products (using sprints) to research, wireframing, component design, UI design, prototyping and testing were carried out with a specific goal in mind; To create an easy-to-use, intuitive and empathetic community based solution for financial collaboration across borders.

Final Design

Designed Screens

Messages Clickthrough
Add Funds/Bill Payments Walkthrough

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