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Fantasy Sports Live Dashboard: A Game-Changing Experience

Fantasy Sports Live Dashboard: A Game-Changing Experience
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In the dynamic world of fantasy sports, enthusiasts crave real-time updates on player performance, game outcomes, and matchup differentials. Recognizing this unmet need, Bettle, an innovative fantasy sports startup, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the user experience. Our objective was clear: to seamlessly integrate live game tracking with high-priority fantasy-related data, ensuring users stay informed and engaged throughout the game week.

Key Design Objectives:

Through meticulous user research, we identified three pivotal elements that were imperative in addressing this challenge:

  1. Live Game Tracking with Visual Updates: Enabling users to follow live games with intuitive graphics for instant updates.
  2. Player Performance Insights: Providing users with comprehensive insights into how their selected players are performing in real-time.
  3. Matchup Comparison Analytics: Empowering users to gauge their players' performance relative to competitors in their fantasy leagues.
Design Solutions:

To meet these critical objectives, we meticulously crafted a multifaceted Live Dashboard experience, seamlessly integrating the following features:

  1. Dynamic Live Game Tracking: Immersive visual elements offer real-time updates, ensuring users are in the know about every crucial play and game-changing moment.
  2. Player Performance Overview: A dedicated section offers in-depth insights into each player's performance metrics, enabling users to make informed decisions on the fly.
  3. Comparative Matchup Analysis: Intuitive graphs and charts provide a clear visual representation of how users' players stack up against opponents in their fantasy leagues.
Dashboard for Live NFL games

Dashboard for Live NBA games
Impact and User Benefits:

The implementation of the Live Dashboard has redefined the way fantasy sports enthusiasts engage with the game. Users now have access to a comprehensive, real-time overview of their fantasy team's performance, empowering them to make strategic decisions with confidence. By bridging the gap between live game updates and critical fantasy-related data, we've elevated the user experience to a new standard.


The Fantasy Sports Live Dashboard stands as a testament to our commitment to creating innovative solutions that address the unique needs of fantasy sports players. Through rigorous research and thoughtful design, we've successfully transformed a gap in the market into a game-changing feature, setting a new benchmark for user engagement and satisfaction in the fantasy sports industry.

Mobile Screens for Live NFL games

Mobile Screens for Live NBA games

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